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Indoor environmental quality

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that people’s well-being and comfort are largely dependent on the quality of their indoor environment. This is because people are exposed to a large number of pollutants from a vast range of different sources which are responsible for the development of associated diseases such as sick building syndrome and muscular lipodystrophy.

This is because people who live in industrialised countries spend 60-80% of their time indoors, be it in work, home or other domestic environments.

Applicable regulations

Modification of the Regulation on Thermal Installations in Buildings [RITE, in Spanish], RD 238/2013 of 5 April, which regulates indoor environmental quality. It includes two mandatory indoor air quality maintenance operations:


  1. Review of the duct network according to the provisions of the UNE 100012 standard.

  2. Review of environmental quality according to the provisions of the UNE 171330 standard, which consists of three parts: 

  • UNE 171330-1:2008 on indoor environmental quality. Part 1: Diagnosis of indoor environmental quality

  • UNE 171330-2:2014 Indoor environmental quality. Part 2: Indoor environmental quality inspection procedures.

  • UNE 171330-3:2010 Indoor environmental quality. Part 3: Indoor environment management system.

How can we help you?

We can offer the following services to help you determine the indoor environmental quality of your workplace:

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We can conduct a survey that gathers the most significant information on the elements to take into account as per the provisions of the different UNE standards.


We can determine the environmental parameters according to the needs of your installation.

We can issue a report addressing the results which proposes a set of corrective actions to improve the parameters that fall below the required standard.

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