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About us

OTARI Ingeniería del Agua, S.L. was founded in Irun in 1996 by a group of technicians with years of professional experience in industrial water treatment under their belts.


Since the 1970s, when it first started making waves in the sector, this Technical Department has undergone continuous training in water treatment and conditioning.


New assets have been incorporated over the years which have changed how water treatment is viewed. However, customer service and quality in product formulation have remained a priority throughout.

OTARI Ingeniería del Agua, S.L. specialises in CONDITIONING with chemical products and TREATING water in steam boilers, refrigerant circuits, food thermal processes, wastewater and reverse osmosis systems, designing the necessary solutions for each specific case.


We manufacture products that are designed to prevent corrosion, fouling and biological contamination in all types of water-operated industrial installations such as circuits, evaporative condensers, reverse osmosis plants, etc.


We manufacture biocidal products that are approved for the prevention of Legionnaires’ disease in accordance with the provisions of RD 865/2003.


OTARI Ingeniería del Agua, S.L.

has a plant in Irun where treatment equipment such as filters, softeners, reverse osmosis systems, etc., are designed and where water conditioning products such as biocides, anti-corrosives and anti-fouling treatments are manufactured. 


It has a Technical and Sales Department that covers the entire country.


OTARI has a fully equipped laboratory that allows for comprehensive chemical analyses, treatment tests and assessments of various elements of water pre-treatment plants.


OTARI Ingeniería del Agua, S.L. and its Technical Department have the accreditations that are required in order to carry out cleaning, disinfection and treatment monitoring operations for legionella, as provided for in RD 865/2003.

OTARI Ingeniería del Agua, S.L.

has an integrated management system for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards, which apply to the design, manufacture and marketing of chemical products for industrial water treatments and technical assistance and analytical control services.


This management system has been approved by INTERTEK CERTIFICATION LIMITED with the following certificate numbers: 0089578 (9001:2015), 0089580 (14001:2015) and 0100721 (45001:2018).


OTARI Ingeniería del Agua, S.L. has its own fully equipped laboratory that allows for comprehensive water analyses, conditioning tests and assessments of various elements of water treatment plants.

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